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I´m glad this awesome guy made this video. Some people just need to shut the fuck up and listen. The whole point is AWARENESS! And this has gone viral, it’s being done in my country as well. So that’s great news. Social media is not only for posting pictures of food and selfies, you can do so much with it.

It does not matter what your intentions behind doing this challenge are, as long as you spread the word, that is good enough… 

And this is the way every important matter should be discussed: a war, a fatal disease, racism. All this shit that is STILL going on, on the 21° fucking century. 

Always speak up, even if it’s not your country, if you don’t have that particular disease, if you are not fighting against corrupt goverments… We are all citizens of this world and is our duty to make it better. 

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My goddaughter Sab took 3 pictures of me and the hubby at the beach this weekend, and I just can’t get over how in one I look okay, and in the other two I look like the Queen Elizabeth. And by Queen Elizabeth I mean the ship, not the monarch.

This is the reason I rarely have my picture taken now…